US Chang Moo Kwan Black Belt Camp 2012

Every year, a host of Chang Moo Kwan black belts gather in Minnesota to spend a weekend every summer training outside.  The tradition of black belt camp here in the Midwest has been carried on for more than a decade, and this year was a very special year for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it was the last public instruction of Chang Moo Kwan Jr. Great Grandmaster Moo Young Yun, the grandfather of nearly every Chang Moo Kwan school in the region, and one of the foremost experts of martial arts in the world.  We can’t thank Great Grandmaster Yun enough for all his time, effort and teaching over the years.

Secondly, Dr. Joong Young Kim, a Taekwondo grandmaster and president of the Chang Moo Kwan, and Grandmaster Sang Ki Lee, a Taekwondo and Hapkido grandmaster and Kukkiwon certified pattern judge, were guests at this year’s black belt camp, both to present lifetime Chang Moo Kwan memberships to over fifty black belts, and to provide instruction to the black belts in attendance.

Finally, it was a great honor to have our own Grandmaster Eric Greenquist, under whom the Alliance masters have been studying for nearly seventeen years, presented with his Taekwondo 8th dan degree after a successful exam in Korea this March.

Chang Moo Kwan President Dr. Joong Young Kim confers the rank of 8th Dan upon Grandmaster Eric Greenquist, while Great Grandmaster Moo Young Yun looks on.

Please join us in congratulating Grandmaster Eric Greenquist on his outstanding achievement and promotion to the eighth degree of black belt, which few people in the world, and very few in America, ever attain.

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