3rd Dan Promotion

Please join us in congratulating one of our long-time black belts here at Alliance Taekwondo, Mr Dale Schneibel, on achieving the rank of 3rd Dan.


Mr Dale Schneibel began at Alliance in 2004, and has been a devoted student, training steadily for a decade.  Since achieving his blackbelt in June of 2007, Schneibel has demonstrated excellent blackbelt attitude, work ethic and reliability.

After several months of preparation, Schneibel undertook the exam for the third degree blackbelt on December 21st, 2013 and concluded with three requirements unfinished; he successfully completed the test on February 27th.  Third degree testing is very demanding, requiring the candidate to be accomplished in advanced empty-hand technique, Hapkido technique, and multiple weapons.  It also requires the candidate to be able to perform under a high degree of pressure.  Mr Dale Schneibel broke three bricks and nearly fifteen boards and put out candles with hands, feet and weapons.

Testing for 3rd Dan is a privilege and an honor, and many people who begin a journey in the martial arts never get so far.  It requires years of practice and dedication, and comes only after a student has accepted and done well with added responsibility, and has the recommendation of their instructors and Masters.

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