1st Dan Promotions

Please join us in congratulating Ms Lynsey Eberle and Ms Jennie Dvorak on achieving the rank of 1st Dan.

Ms Lynsey came to Alliance as a 4th gup (purple belt) with her brother Isaac in 2009 at the age of 10, and has been studying with us ever since.  Ms Lynsey achieved her junior blackbelt in December of 2011, has been an active competitor and assistant instructor at Alliance and has demonstrated great development on the road to her adult blackbelt.  She is currently a student studying at St Mary’s High School.

Ms Jennie has been studying at Alliance for nearly seven years, and is a student of business and a world traveler.  Ms Jennie earned her 1st gup (red belt) in 2011 and has been working towards putting the time and effort into making the advancement to blackbelt for three years.  A mere two weeks after achieving her blackbelt, Jennie will be off to Rotterdam to complete her master’s degree in international management.

Lynsey Eberle and Jennie Dvorak, now 1st Dan blackbelts.

Ms Lynsey completed the exam for first degree blackbelt on August 23rd, 2014; Ms Jennie completed her only incomplete breaking technique shortly thereafter and completed the exam on August 26th, 2014.  Blackbelt testing is demanding, requiring the candidate to be accomplished in empty-hand technique and requires the candidate to be able to perform under pressure.  The ladies’ exam took about an hour an a half, wherein they displayed nine patterns and one hundred empty hand techniques, displayed additional self defense techniques and action sequences, and performed nearly twenty breaking and candle techniques.

Testing for 1st Dan is a privilege and an honor, and only 2% of people who start training in martial arts make it to blackbelt; it requires years of practice and dedication, and comes only after a student has accepted and done well with added responsibility, and has the recommendation of their instructors and Masters.

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