Alliance Taekwondo runs classes in Bismarck.

Sister school Washburn Taekwondo runs classes in Washburn and Wilton.


Alliance Taekwondo Center

The Alliance Taekwondo studio is located at 2700 State St, Unit M-2, inside Gateway Mall, in Bismarck, ND.

The studio is located inside Gateway mall between the theater entrance and Sears, next to H&R Block, across from the Fire and Ice dance studio.



Washburn Taekwondo

Washburn Taekwondo, also part of the Greenquist Association, trains in the Washburn Memorial Hall, located at 805 Main Avenue in Washburn, ND.


Washburn Taekwondo also runs classes in Wilton, at the Wilton Memorial Hall, located at 105 Dakota Ave, Wilton, ND.