Washburn Taekwondo

Washburn Taekwondo was originally founded in 2007 as a branch of Alliance Taekwondo, with Alliance black belt Charles Smith as head instructor.  Master Charles Smith, a 2nd Dan at the time, successfully ran the school for three years prior to moving away to study at a university.  At that time, Master Devon Waldron, then a 3rd Dan, took over the stewardship of the school, and maintained it for two years.  In September 2012, at the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year and the sixth year that the Washburn branch had been active, the Washburn branch of Alliance became its own school, Washburn Taekwondo, with Alliance black belt (and now alumnus) Master Ken Sorenson assuming ownership of the school and taking on the responsibilities of head instructor.  Alliance Taekwondo continues to work closely with Washburn Taekwondo and Master Sorenson.

In 2013, classes in Wilton were transitioned from Odyssey Taekwondo – based out of Wing and Hazen – to Washburn Taekwondo.  Washburn Taekwondo now runs classes in Wilton twice weekly.

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Master Ken Sorenson, 5th Dan


Master Ken Sorenson began his training in 1996 with Alliance Taekwondo, shortly after it was founded.  He has been an active instructor for Alliance Taekwondo since he attained his Black Belt, and was involved with the management and direction of the gym for over ten years.  In September of 2012, Master Sorenson assumed ownership of the Washburn branch of Alliance as its own school, Washburn Taekwondo.

Master Sorenson is a martial arts “double master”; he recently completed his 5th degree test in September of 2011, and in 2009 he completed an exam for his Hapkido 4th degree in Seoul, South Korea.  He continues to train under Grandmaster Greenquist, and has been to South Korea multiple times with Great Grandmaster Yun.