1st Dan Promotion

Please join us in congratulating Mr Issac Eberle on achieving the rank of 1st Dan.

Mr Issac came to Alliance as a 5th gup (blue belt) with his sister Lynsey in 2009 at the age of 12.  He is currently a student studying at St Mary’s High School.


Mr Issac completed the exam for first degree black belt on February 28th, 2013.  Blackbelt testing is demanding, requiring the candidate to be accomplished in empty-hand technique and requires the candidate to be able to perform under pressure.  Mr Issac Eberle’s exam took an hour an a half, wherein he displayed nine patterns and one hundred empty hand techniques, displayed additional self defense techniques and action sequences, and performed nearly twenty breaking and candle techniques.

Testing for 1st Dan is a privilege and an honor, and only 2% of people who start training in martial arts make it to blackbelt; it requires years of practice and dedication, and comes only after a student has accepted and done well with added responsibility, and has the recommendation of their instructors and Masters.

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