New Alliance Jr Blackbelt

Please join us in congratulating Logan King for achieving the rank of 1st Poom.

Originally from Nebraska, Mr Logan King – “Loki” – moved to the Dakotas in 2013 and has been training since that fall; since then, Mr Logan has grown as a martial artist and put in many hours of hard work, dedication and competition.

Mr Logan King, the newest Alliance jr blackbelt.

After several months of training as a red belt, Mr Logan tested for his junior blackbelt on the 4th of March, 2017 at 10:30 AM.  The difficult exam lasted an hour and a half; Mr Logan demonstrated positivity, perseverance, a wealth of knowledge and a high degree of technical proficiency, and performed upwards of fifteen breaking and candle techniques.

Testing for a blackbelt rank is a privilege and an honor; only 2% of people who start training in martial arts make it to blackbelt.  It requires years of practice and dedication, and comes only after a student has accepted and done well with added responsibility, and has the recommendation of their instructors and Masters.

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